General quality requirements for suppliers

General quality requirements for suppliers



This document is valid for all suppliers of C.S.O., spol. s r.o. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the buyer’).



These general quality requirements for suppliers state the minimum standards required by the buyer to ensure quality. They are valid without signature and apply to all products and services provided until further notice. The relevant version is available on the buyer’s website



ISO 9001          ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015
QMS                  quality management system



  • Quality management system

The buyer favors a supplier with the ISO 9001 quality management system in place. The supplier is obliged to inform the customer within 14 days if his QMS certificate is suspended or expired.

  • Supplier approval

Approval of the supplier takes the form of questionnaires that will be sent. The buyer reserves the right to conduct an on-site inspection before approval by the supplier. In the case of approval, the supplier is added to the buyer’s list of approved suppliers.

  • Environmental Management System

Suppliers are advised to certify the environmental management system. In addition, the supplier undertakes to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

  • Information security

The supplier shall ensure that appropriate procedures and means are established to ensure the security of the information to protect the interest of the buyer.

  • Resource security, traceability

The supplier is required to ensure full traceability of information on the materials or services supplied. The buyer reserves the right to this information.



Product requirements and product-specific quality assurance requirements are stated by buyers in their orders. The order may include a drawing, model, or other specification. If the supplier does not have valid documents or if he discovers irregularities, he is required to request valid documentation from the buyer. The supplier treats drawing documents that are invalid in such a way that further inadvertent use in their organization is impossible.

  • Documentation and achievements

The supplier shall document the materials used and archive this documentation for at least 1 year from the date of delivery of the relevant shipment item. This includes the traceability of batches of material related to the relevant batches delivered to the buyer. The supplier undertakes to archive the delivery documents and quality records for a minimum of 1 year and shall make copies of this documentation available to the purchaser upon request.

  • Measuring and testing equipment

The supplier is to establish a procedure for monitoring the measuring and testing equipment used and periodically calibrate the measuring equipment. The measurement standards used for calibration shall be based on international or national measurement standards. If such measurement standards are not available, the basis for calibration or verification shall be documented.

  • Information obligation

In the following cases, the supplier is obliged to inform the buyer before implementing:

  1. a) Change of process
  2. b) Material change
  3. c) QMS change
  4. d) Any deviation from the buyer’s order. These derogations must be approved in writing by the buyer.

The supplier shall immediately inform the buyer of:

(e) When the supplier notices that a non-compliant product has been shipped. The notification shall include traceability (of the lot), date of dispatch (delivery note), quantity and description of non-conformity. This applies to any non-conformity that deviates from the drawing, specifications, or requirements of the order.

5.4 Recasting and repairs

Recasting means repairing a process because of its previous non-conformity by using the original or equivalent process. It shall be used to achieve full compliance of the product with relevant drawings and documentation. Processes of recasting must be documented.

  • Checks during the process.

The supplier must ensure that the defective components are immediately removed from the manufacturing process and declared ‘non-compliant’.

  • Preventing Counterfeit Components

The supplier must ensure that the supply of counterfeit parts and their inclusion in the product(s) supplied to the buyer is prevented.



6.1 Order confirmation

The supplier shall be required to comment in writing on the contract or order sent. If the order is not contested within 3 working days of the order being placed, the buyer shall consider this to be confirmed (including the delivery dates of the individual items).

6.2 Identification of the delivery item

The shipment item must be marked according to the drawing, specification, or order. In the case of supply from multiple production batches, these must be marked and separated.

6.3 Packaging and storage

Notwithstanding specific regulations, the packaging and preservation of the goods supplied must be carried out in such a way as to ensure quality during transport and storage. Recyclable material or reversible packaging is preferred.

Whether the supplier supplies goods with a limited period of use or life, the remaining period of use shall be at least 6 months or 50 % of the total period of use.

6.4 Checking for foreign object damage

The supplier shall ensure that foreign objects are removed from all parts before dispatch. The supplier must maintain an environment free of foreign objects during machining, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, inspection, storage, packaging, and transport.


7          SUPPLY

Accompanying delivery documents and packaging must include contract/order number, unique item identifier, number of items delivered, production batch. Each position on the accompanying delivery document must consist of one production batch. In the case of multiple production batches, each batch must be individually packaged.



The buyer carries out an ongoing assessment of the supplier and informs the supplier at regular intervals of their quality and delivery performance. If the evaluation does not meet the buyer’s requirements and risks removing the supplier from the category of approved suppliers, the buyer shall inform the supplier accordingly.


9          RIGHT TO ACCESS

The supplier shall give the buyer, his customers, and the supervisory authorities the right to access all records relating to the order. The supplier further grants the buyer approval for quality audits.