Mission and vision


C.S.O., spol. s r.o. is the long-term partner of many significant companies worldwide from various segments of industry that seek stability, reliability, involvement and efficiency. We go by the rule that simple paths never lead anywhere and we see the opportunity to become the strongest and most experienced professionals in all constraints. Our objective is to operate according to the win/win strategy and correctly communicate with our customers. The company management fully accept the saying: want more from yourself than others want from you. We are convinced that only those who see problems as an opportunity to be stronger in future have a real chance to establish themselves in the market and keep their position ahead of the competition in the long-term perspective. The mission of our company consists in the configuration of the internal processes in such a manner that the customer receives the products under all circumstances according to the assignment and many a time even within extraordinary deadlines because the success of our customers is also success for C.S.O. No matter what the customer wants us to use to produce the component. Regardless of the delivery deadline although it seems irrelevant in any way. We shall put in maximum effort to satisfy the customer in all aspects of our operations.


Our vision consists in the continuous building of a strong organisation from the viewpoint of economy, efficiency, technological equipment level and particularly corporate culture so that our components can be used in the most demanding and advanced applications. We understand that only a sense of perfection at all levels of the company guarantees the achievement of high customer expectations. Years ago we started with products for the aerospace industry, and faced the challenge of how to set up the processes to achieve ultra-precision components and how to maintain the high quality of products long-term. We gradually started using rigorous tools of the FMEA type as useful tools that guarantee high quality. We enriched our FMEA outputs with Poka Yoke, which further eliminates risks. We are implementing Industry 4.0 elements in the PDCA regime in order to be able to offer the most effective solution to the customers at all times.


Our products and their final applications, which were closely tied to the Earth twenty years ago have to a greater extent changed into systems whose operation is done in the atmosphere, and in coming years, we would like to see an increasing number of our components in cosmic projects.