The history of CSO dates back to 1992 and the company is now a modernly equipped organisation for which the strict requirements of the customers are the Alpha and Omega of its operations. We have learned to perceive the problems arising from the most demanding requirements of the customers as a means to self-perfection in order to be a step ahead of the competition. We want to be the symbol of the quality and stability of ultra precision components for all industrial applications with a majority share of the aerospace industry. We are currently included in the database of approved suppliers of aviation components for the Airbus air management system, also mechanical avionic, water management and seat components.

We see the use of all modern methods to ensure top quality as a matter of course, for instance, FMEA, G8D, 5Why, SPC, 5S, etc. We hold regular meetings where we review the KPI of the individual departments in our company in order to learn from any errors and move the corporate processes towards “perfection”. We always want to offer something extra to the customers and be sure that they will keep coming back to us with new projects.

The company development copies the continuous development of society and the market. We started with the manufacture of ordinary steel components and gradually added stainless steel and tool steel. Several years ago, we fell in love with aluminium alloy products, whose production is currently more than half the volume of our products. The events of recent years inspired us to get established in the field of high-precision parts made of exotic materials – for instance, Titanium or Inconel.

We are a family company, which wants to leave a mark for its future generations. Currently, the management is already being handled by the second generation, which is confronted with the complicated topic of all sorts of risks and restrictions that only a few counted on twenty years ago: globalisation, complicated and dynamically changing legislation, environment and leanness. We want to succeed in the global market particularly thanks to cutting-edge equipment that can be used to manufacture almost the impossible in premium quality, high timeliness of deliveries and fulfilment of something extra – the desires of our customers above the framework of the usual requirements.